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Why Jigsaw Puzzles?

"Anyone and everyone can benefit from jigsaw puzzles"



Wrestling the kids, or yourself, away from the screens and devices can be a nearly impossible task, but it's vital to our mental and physical health! A jigsaw puzzle requires your full attention and therein lies the magic.

  1. Jigsaw puzzles exercise both sides of your brain

  2. Can help improve sort term memory

  3. Improves visual spatial reasoning

  4. Are a good stress reliever and form of meditation

  5. A great way to connect with the family

  6. But also for needed alone time

  7. Jigsaw puzzles help you live longer and better

Puzzles are good for your mind, body, and spirit. So put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" and get swept away by a jigsaw puzzle!


Years ago, in the days of my youth. Mom would always have a jigsaw puzzle setting around on a card table. I would wander by to see what she was working on that day. Almost always I would sit down with her and we would have the best conversations. We would talk at the supper table, but that was about reporting what I had done that day or what kind of day I had at school.  The puzzle conversations were special. We talked about everything, any topic was fair game.  The time was so relaxing our conversations would often turn to those discussions that changed and helped shape my life. I remember them like they were yesterday even though they were 50 years ago! There is no time like family time. No competition of a game, just quality time together.  ENJOY!

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