Featured Puzzle

Purchase the Moscow Auction puzzle shown here and name any 20 people you see. Name 20 and win the Moscow Auction game, just pay the $8 shipping fee! 



Fractals reduce stress as much as 60%. Just by putting one of these puzzles together your stress will begin to decrease! So grab one and get your calm on!

Customized Personal Puzzles

Our new option for customized personal puzzles come in 40 and 100 pieces. These personal puzzles are ones of a personal picture of your own choosing.

New Product!! 

Puzzles ... but ones you can color!

The newest edition to our store is our unique puzzles that you can color afterwards! These featured puzzles come in 40 and 100 pieces.


We sell prints of our puzzle pictures!

Find a picture of a puzzle that you like but you would rather have just a print? We also sell prints of our puzzles too! We are selling in two sizes, 18x24 for $20 and 11x14 for $10. These prints are suitable for framing! Contact us about which print you want and we will get things together for you!


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